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4 organizations or facilities in Lethbridge for Baseball.

Softball Valley

Located in Peenaquim Park is situated alongside the Old Man River. With eleven red shale diamonds, and plenty of open space to park, the facility lends itself to large multi-day tournaments. The clubhouse is located at the south-east corner of the park, and serves as the hub for meeting, organizing and socializing. A small ground-level theatre style room is used for meetings, while a large second floor room with adjoining outdoor balcony is ideal for concession and food service. Also, on site are four regulation size beach volleyball courts.

  • Association / Club

Prairie Baseball Academy

The Prairie Baseball Academy Mission

  • To become known as an innovative organization in the field of Canadian baseball by being the pioneering force behind the formation of a Canadian based 2-year College Level Baseball League
  • To encourage and assist all participants in the pursuit of academic and athletic excellence, but never allow the first to be compromised by the latter.
  • To attract top-level coaching instructional, technical and training personnel to our program.
  • To provide this top level of instruction to as many Canadians as possible.
  • To bring the educational communities in Lethbridge together for the betterment of all involved.
  • To be respected for having non-compromising principles, values, and integrity within our organization.
  • To be a respected leader in the community; recognized for a progressive, visualistic, community oriented and community supportive´╗┐ approach to sports.
  • To assist, promote, and encourage the development of baseball organizations at all amateur levels.
  • Program / Class

Lethbridge Little League

Registration dates are typically held at the beginning of March, but will vary each year. Please consult our registration page for the latest information available including dates, fees, age requirements etc.

Lethbridge North could not operate without the support of our community and volunteers.

  • Association / Club

City of Lethbridge Sports Fields

Lethbridge has over 140 bookable sports fields available including a premium sports field park in North Lethbridge, available to book between April and October.

  • Public Facility

Parks & Open Spaces

34 parks or open spaces in Lethbridge may have amenities suitable for Baseball.

Watermark Park

317 Rocky Mountain Blvd West
  • Multi-Activity

Coalbanks School and Park

274 Coalbanks Blvd West
  • Multi-Activity

St. Teresa of Calcutta School Park

255 Mildred Dobbs Blvd N
  • Multi-Activity

Legacy Park

Uplands Blvd & Blackwolf Way N
  • Multi-Activity

Blackwolf Park

286 Uplands Blvd North
  • Multi-Activity

Winston Churchill School Park

1605 - 15th Avenue North
  • Multi-Activity

Wilson Middle School Park

2003 - 9th Avenue North
  • Multi-Activity

Westminster School and Park

402 - 18th Street North
  • Multi-Activity

St. Basil's School Park

620 - 12B Street North
  • Multi-Activity

The Crossings Park

259 Britannia Blvd. West
  • Multi-Activity

Sheridan Park

725 Columbia Blvd West
  • Multi-Activity

Senator Buchanan School Park

1101 7th Avenue North
  • Multi-Activity

Rutgers Park

550 Columbia Blvd West
  • Multi-Activity

Park Meadows School Park

50 Meadowlark Blvd. North
  • Multi-Activity

Palliser Park

Runs along 28th Street between 5th & 12th Avenues North
  • Multi-Activity

Our Lady of Assumption School Park

2219 - 14th Avenue South
  • Multi-Activity

Nicholas Sheran School Park

380 Laval Blvd West
  • Multi-Activity

Lethbridge Collegiate Institute Park

1701 - 5th Avenue South
  • Multi-Activity

Lakeview School Park

1129 Henderson Lake Blvd South
  • Multi-Activity

Lakeview Park

3101 Lakeridge Blvd. South
  • Multi-Activity

Gilbert Patterson School Park

2109 - 12th Avenue South
  • Multi-Activity

Gerald Probe School Park

120 Rocky Mountain Blvd. West
  • Multi-Activity

General Stewart School Park

215 Corvette Crescent South
  • Multi-Activity

Galbraith School Park

1801 - 8th Avenue North
  • Multi-Activity

G.S. Lakie School Park

50 Blackfoot Blvd West
  • Multi-Activity

Fleetwood Bawden School Park

1222 - 9th Avenue South
  • Multi-Activity

Father Leonard Van Tighem School Park

25 Stoney Crescent West
  • Multi-Activity

Dave Elton Park

622 Stafford Drive North
  • Multi-Activity

Columbia Park

750 Columbia Blvd. West
  • Multi-Activity

Children of St. Martha School Park

206 McMaster Blvd West
  • Multi-Activity

Ecole La Verendrye Park

2104 - 6th Avenue South
  • Multi-Activity

Catholic Central, St. Francis and Ecole St. Mary's School Park

405 - 18 Street South
  • Multi-Activity

Atso Towaawa Park

199 Jerry Potts Blvd West
  • Multi-Activity

Agnes Davidson School Park

2103 - 20th Street South
  • Multi-Activity

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