Organizations & Facilities

8 organizations or facilities in Lethbridge for Cycling (Bicyling).

YMCA - Fitness Centre

Weight Room, Strength and Conditioning Lane, Spin Studio and Stretching Studio (Hardwood floor)

  • Program / Class

Kinetic Indoor Cycle & Fitness

We are an Indoor Cycling fitness studio that offers spin classes and other group exercise classes including Bootcamp, TRX, Barre and more!

  • Local Business

University of Lethbridge Group Fitness Classes

Horns Recreation is proud to provide a wide variety of fitness and yoga programming to all students, staff, faculty, alumni and general public. We offer programs including TRX, Barre, Spin, Sculpt, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga and more!

  • Program / Class

University of Lethbridge Summer Camps

Horns Recreation is proud to provide a wide variety of week long summer camps for youth ages 6 - 18 yrs old. Camps include; Aquatic, Art, Badminton, Basketball, Climbing, Drama, Fencing, Mountain Bike, outdoor Adventure Youth, Multi-Activity, Ringette, Soccer and Track & Field. There is sure to be something for everyone in the family.

  • Program / Class

Lethbridge Fitness Club

Welcome to The Lethbridge Fitness Club. Always different. Always new! The Lethbridge Fitness Club is locally owned and operated. We are the largest and longest running health club in Lethbridge, over 15 years, and are recognized for our passion and experience as an authority in Fitness in Southern Alberta. We’re the gym for you!

We offer:

Keiser Spinning Classes…
TRX Suspension Training
Personal Training
Booster Juice
SunSeekers Tanning

  • Program / Class

Lethbridge College Be Fit for Life Centre

We are an on-campus fitness resource centre that provides fitness services, programs, information and activities designed to encourage and support a healthy lifestyle. Our Centre is the leader in Southwestern Alberta where we ignite the passion from within the community to live an active and healthy lifestyle. We are one of nine Centres within the Be Fit for Life Network and are funded by Alberta Community Development via the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation and the Lethbridge College. Our network enables Albertans to be phsycially active where they live, work and play.

  • Program / Class

Headwinds Cycling Club

Mission: simply ride.

The objectives of this non-profit organization are to promote the sport of cycling in Southern Alberta and to provide involvement for members in all aspects and levels of bicycle road racing, touring (recreation and transportation), mountain biking, and triathlon.

The Lethbridge Headwinds Cycling Club is affiliated with the Alberta Bicycle Association (A.B.A.) , the Canadian Cycling Association (C.C.A) and the Alberta Triathlon Association (A.T.A.).

Do you like to ride a bike? Road? Mountain bike? Just like to pedal and propel yourself on two wheels? Come and check us out!

  • Association / Club

City of Lethbridge Trails and Pathways

Residents and visitors can enjoy a variety of pathways and trails throughout the City. They are fun to explore and can help fill a warm summer evening or even a warm winter Sunday! The City of Lethbridge’s pathway network contains over 150 km of paved pathways and approximately 50 km of natural or gravel trails. The pathway system is centered around the Coal Banks Trail, the regional pathways connect neighbourhoods throughout the City. Natural pathways are a great way to explore the river valley parks.

  • Public Facility

Parks & Open Spaces

61 parks or open spaces in Lethbridge may have amenities suitable for Cycling (Bicyling).

Northlander Park

527 Aquitania Blvd West
  • Multi-Activity

Coalbanks Park

100 Coalbanks Blvd West
  • Multi-Activity

Legacy Park

Uplands Blvd & Blackwolf Way N
  • Multi-Activity

Lethbridge Mountain Bike Park

Botterill Bottom Park (accessed through Indian Battle Park)
  • Multi-Activity

Park Lake Provincial Park

30 min northwest of Lethbridge
  • Multi-Activity

Waterton Lakes National Park

1.5 hours west of Lethbridge
  • Multi-Activity

Willow Pointe Park

19 Peigan Court West
  • Multi-Activity

William Pearce Park

92 Grand River Blvd West
  • Multi-Activity

West Highlands Park

350 Highlands Blvd West
  • Multi-Activity

Wolfridge Park

220 Lynx Road North
  • Multi-Activity

Tartan Park

381 Tartan Circle West
  • Multi-Activity

Sugar Bowl (Ravine Park)

1751 Scenic Drive South
  • Multi-Activity

St. Francis Park

1028 St. David Road North
  • Multi-Activity

The Crossings Park

259 Britannia Blvd. West
  • Multi-Activity

Salish Park

37 Salish Place West
  • Multi-Activity

Rotary Brook Park

379 Laval Blvd West
  • Multi-Activity

Palm Park

2130 Palm Road South
  • Multi-Activity

Palliser Park

Runs along 28th Street between 5th & 12th Avenues North
  • Multi-Activity

Ojibwa Park

97 Ojibwa Road West
  • Multi-Activity

Queens Park

3 Queens Road West
  • Multi-Activity

Nicholas Sheran Park

245 McMaster Blvd West
  • Multi-Activity

Mount Blakiston Park

71 Mount Blakiston Blvd West
  • Multi-Activity

London Road Park

620 - 7th Avenue South
  • Multi-Activity

Lakeview Park

3101 Lakeridge Blvd. South
  • Multi-Activity

Lakeview Green Strip South

3120 Lakeridge Blvd. South
  • Multi-Activity

Lakeview Green Strip North

1166 Glacier Drive South
  • Multi-Activity

Lafayette Park

10 Lafayette Blvd. West
  • Multi-Activity

Kodiak Park

203 Kodiak Blvd. North
  • Multi-Activity

Kiwanis Park

726 - 5th Street South
  • Multi-Activity

Kinsmen Park

1009 - 9th Avenue South
  • Multi-Activity

Jock Palmer Park

523 - 23rd Street North
  • Multi-Activity

Heritage Road Park

45 Heritage Road West
  • Multi-Activity

Heritage Pointe Park

151 Heritage Point West
  • Multi-Activity

Heritage Place Park East and West Heritage Close Park

6 Heritage Place West & 11 Heritage Place West
  • Multi-Activity

Heritage Court Park

425 University Drive West
  • Multi-Activity

Heritage Circle Park

6 Heritage Circle West
  • Multi-Activity

Henderson Lake Park

2710 Parkside Drive South
  • Multi-Activity

Indian Battle Park

200 Indian Battle Road South
  • Multi-Activity

Firelight Park

64 Firelight Way West
  • Multi-Activity

Father Leonard Van Tighem School Park

25 Stoney Crescent West
  • Multi-Activity

Fairmont Park

106 Fairmont Blvd. South
  • Multi-Activity

Fairmont Garden Park

47 Fairmont Garden Road South
  • Multi-Activity

Elma Groves Park

143 Jessie Robinson Close North
  • Multi-Activity

Elizabeth McKillop Park

127 Mildred Dobbs Blvd. North
  • Multi-Activity

Edgewood Park East and West

5 Sherwood Blvd West
  • Multi-Activity

Galt Gardens

601 - 3rd Avenue South
  • Multi-Activity

Dominion Park

1500 - 23rd Avenue North
  • Multi-Activity

Dave Elton Park

622 Stafford Drive North
  • Multi-Activity

Dalhousie Park

30 Dalhousie Court West
  • Multi-Activity

Coulee Creek Park

465 Coulee Creek Blvd South
  • Multi-Activity

Cougar Park

84 Cougar Crescent North
  • Multi-Activity

Coachwood Park

100 Coachwood Point West
  • Multi-Activity

Chinook Lake Park

265 Bluefox Blvd. North
  • Multi-Activity

Canyon Crest Park

1047 Canyon Crest Blvd. West
  • Multi-Activity

Bull Trail Park North and South

Access Points: University of Lethbridge Lower Level Parking Lot, Parking lot north of Whoop Up Drive on University Drive, Ridgewood and Heritage Subdivisions.
  • Multi-Activity

Botterill Bottom Park

River bottom - Access from Indian Battle Park
  • Multi-Activity

Bluefox Park

95 Bluefox Blvd. North
  • Multi-Activity

Blackfoot Park

70 Blackfoot Road West
  • Multi-Activity

Assiniboia Park

130 Jerry Potts Blvd West
  • Multi-Activity

Adams Park

1302 9 Avenue North
  • Multi-Activity

Cedar Park

1401 Birch Place South
  • Multi-Activity

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