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5 organizations or facilities in Lethbridge for Pregnancy and new Mothers.

K Yoga - Pre and Post-Natal Yoga

Prenatal yoga provides a nurturing environment with a certified yoga instructor who will prepare you through the journey of pregnancy and for postpartum recuperation. Through yoga poses, breath work and body awareness exercises, some discomforts of pregnancy such as nausea, heartburn, swelling, varicose veins, and back pain can be alleviated. Meeting other pregnant women can allow you to ask questions and share your concerns with others going through the process with you! Providing you with confidence and peace of mind is the main goal whether you are coming to the mat for the first time or looking to modify your practice safely to incorporate your growing baby.

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Kinetic Indoor Cycle & Fitness

We are an Indoor Cycling fitness studio that offers spin classes and other group exercise classes including Bootcamp, TRX, Barre and more!

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YMCA of Lethbridge

The YMCA of Lethbridge is a community serving charity where children, youth and adults enrich spirit, mind, body and a sense of belonging.

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Canadian Yoga Institute - Prenatal Yoga

Prepare yourself for the joys and demands of pregnancy. Learn how to manage the constant changes in the body and cope with the discomfort and fatigue of your pregnancy using yoga therapy. Focusing on mind/body connection through breath and pelvic floor exercises, this practice will ease tension in hips, shoulders and problem areas while improving overall body strength.

*Doctor’s referral is required. Gentle and appropriate for full term pregnancy

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Lethbridge College Be Fit for Life Centre

We are an on-campus fitness resource centre that provides fitness services, programs, information and activities designed to encourage and support a healthy lifestyle. Our Centre is the leader in Southwestern Alberta where we ignite the passion from within the community to live an active and healthy lifestyle. We are one of nine Centres within the Be Fit for Life Network and are funded by Alberta Community Development via the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation and the Lethbridge College. Our network enables Albertans to be phsycially active where they live, work and play.

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